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At the core, SABR. PTE. LTD. is a team of agents specializing in providing Jenazah Savings Packages for the muslim community; young and old. Since the start, our job have been searching for a solution in preparing for one's own or his/her family member's burial payment to avoid the necessity of worrying about the finance involved.

SABR. PTE. LTD. wants to help its members to plan ahead for the Hereafter be it for the member or any of his/her direct family members. SABR. PTE. LTD. promotes itself as a membership service to help members settle his/her/direct family member's funeral even before full payment has been made with accordance to the terms & conditions.


SABR. PTE. LTD. will be partnering with PJSB and cater to islamic burials for existing members.

With our coverage, you can be rest assured that your loved ones and yourself are in good hands. We offer a wide range of savings packages.

For inquiry, do feel free to contact us at

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